Nutrition and food and sample menu

Healthy mind stays in a healthy body!!

We support the complete well being of a child through healthy living, nutritious eating and physical activity. Our focus is to develop healthy eating habits in the children and the serving size comply with the USDA portion size and nutrition guidelines.

The meals provided at our center are freshly cooked, free from artificial dyes, organic whole milk with the vegetarian meal options.

We also accommodate dietary restrictions, allergies, religious beliefs and specific food plans recommended by the doctor.

Physical activity: It is vital to keep the children active and make physical activity as a part of their daily routine along with. We focus a lot on development of gross motor skills and take the children outdoors for an hour everyday.

We talk and read books to the children that present the views about healthy eating and develop healthy eating habits in the children. This is an ongoing part of Montessori education and curriculum throughout the year.

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